Feedback about Hackathon X Kiabi

Following my participation in June and the recent presentation done at Kiabi HQ, I get back on this experience.

When I heard about this even, I was very interested to do it: I know well the brand Kiabi, and I wanted to achieve a personal challenge. So it was not annoying for me to be the only participant with no team, no other freelance came the D day :).

I’ve already something in my mind, the goal was to use efficiently API provided. While discussing with customer care’s people, I found that a small chatbot would relieve the most frequent requests from clients.

My thoughts:

  • A chatbot as “innovative” subject
  • Able to frequently asked questions using API
  • Responding both text input and click
  • Some easter eggs and randomisation in the answer to simulate natural langage
  • Messenger, already used by customers and familiar with it

Obtained results:

  • Abiki a customer chatbot
  • Able to recognize bad words, and block itself if customer continue
  • Randomize answers
  • Give fidelity points either by card number or by email input
  • Possibility to search a product by bar code
  • Possibility to search a store(postal code or city)

What I learned:

  • Using API with Node.js
  • Hosting and deployment via Heroku
  • Using bot for Messenger/Facebook
  • It is more pleasant to work in team, but you’re also proud to achieve something by yourself 🙂

Got very surprised to finish as one of the three winners, moreover when one team did also a chatbot, but were 5 people in it ^_^.

My presentation made for the project (in french):

My twitter story about this event:

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