Why this website?

After numerous years in the digital field, having read, visioned, and seen IRL professionals talking on various interesting subjects, you end up asking yourself, why not me ?

But a website, as perfect as we want, with lots of content, and good one moreover,  and that last more than 3 months is quite rare. Reserved to some kind of passionate elite ? The same people you found on the back cover of a book or talking during a conference ?


So why having a hard time for nothing ? It’s easy to begin a post, but even more to not finish it. “I will be more inspired tomorrow” or “after 6 months, we can wait one more”.

So, we are staying there ? Coming soon page endlessly ? and nothing ?

No. Nope, nada, niet, I don’t want this, not this time, not like that.

Why ?

Because some people are asking themselves the same question, writing must not be mandatory, but base on inspiration and will, the one to share with other. So you don’t have to bother with “everybody know it” or “I will not say like you”, because in the end, you write for people but also for yourself.

So if there is only one person and me are satisfied, it was worth it.

Special thanks for this person:
@Florentin Jakupihttp://www.24joursdeweb.fr/2014/demain-j-ecris/

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