Job Interview: use your common sense

Following my participation, one month ago, to the event #Dailyjobs at Euratechnologies as a recruiter, I wanted to make a feedback about good/bad things during an interview or a handshake.

I don’t want to blame anyone in particular but mostly warn about points that seems obvious to me, but that candidate, by stress or inexperience, do not take into account.

1. Just relax

If you are stressed, know it, it is obvious! When a company participate to a hiring event, this is because we are in need, so we have the same pressure :). Avoid to shake, or tell your background story at mach 20, it’s before all an exchange and not a monologue from one side or another.

2. Foundation and presentation of your resume

Even if the job you are searching is not a creative position, this is not a reason to have an unformatted resume in black & white. There is so much template modern or creative that you have plenty of choice. And if this is an application for “Webdesigner” or “Community Manager”, the standard B&W will be crippling.

Now for the presentation:

  • No an email address like is not a good idea. Have an address like : firstName, lastName, firstName.LastName, etc. And use a domain not linked to your current provider (You will change form one time to another).
  • Picture : eternal conflict, from my point of view, beside the fact having a job related to your physique (Show animator, Steward/Stewardess) don’t put one! And if this is really essential for you, use a good shot with strong quality: not the one of your driver’s licence scanned quickly.
  • Foreign language: I read alot of A1, B2, C4, etc. We are not all from the human ressources department or aware of the new type of evaluation. So let’s prefer some: read, written, spoken / bilingual / technical / mother tongue. If you have passed a test like TOEIC or TOEFL, don’t forget yo put your score and the maximum possible (TOEIC : 945/990).

3. We know each other ?

In 2017, this is not hard to find informations about the company in wich you are applying. I was very surprised and disappointed to hear some of the answers to my question: “Do you know Hobbynote?” I got everything like:

“Not at all”

“In fact I saw many people waiting here”

“Yes, but only by name”

“Yes, but I don’t had time to visit the website”

“Yes”, “Sorry but I don’t know what you are doing”

Of the 45 candidates we met, only 1 knew the company, had been on the website and could tell me his favorite campaign.

4. Your expectations, your value

The relationship between an employee and a company must be a win/win. You must therefore have expectations about what you will bring to the company. I received too many people to whom I asked their salary claims to tell me “I do not claim anything at all, I am junior”, “What you want!”, “I do not know at all” “The smic will be good already.”


Finally, I prefer that the person think or do a small calculation rather than fall on a salary totally off road: a young developer freshly converted (training in a hundred hours) “I do not know, between 40K and 50K! … That’s a lot or not?

5. The balance between restraint and extravagance

“Come as you are” said a commercial, but for an interview, you have to find a fair compromise. Too much restraint and you will pass for a shy person, conversely, too much extravagance and you could scare recruiters (without laughing). You also have to know how to pay attention to what you say, because in front you have another person with his own experience, his preferences, his opinions. People often think of politics or religion, but in fact any topic can offend sensibilities.

Example : tell a CTO (former dev front) that :

“So, HTML/CSS, that is…”

“Could you explain?”

“Hey, it’s easy, this is not code, you only have to know 3-4 tags and this is good”

^_^’ …*aho*…*aho*…*aho*…=D°< “

Let’s wrap it

In conclusion, I hope that these few lines can avoid you to commit errors in your next interviews. Once again it is an opinion, so it is necessarily subjective, there is no absolute truth, just findings after 15 years in the digital field.

And never forget: in front of you there is another human being, that was at your place before you ;).

Originally published on LinkedIn.

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